Re: [PARPORT] DEC Alpha troubles again (2.2.5, SyQuest ezflyer)

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> On Fri, 18 Jun 1999 wrote:
> > I don't know where you are, but if you can get the Lava card, do.
> > There are only two choices as far as I know, it and the SIIG card.
> I've seen a PCI parallel card from Microcomputer Research, Inc., but they
> are too incompetent to give me specs on it (not even so much as a vendor
> ID, and their tech people don't seem to know what a PCI bus _is_).

I went by both CompUSA and MicroCenter this weekend. They both only sell
the SIIG cards, as well as a card by Intek21, which is apparently an OEM of
the SIIG card anyway.

BTW, I have the vendor ID and device codes for the Intek21 card, since the
Multia's firmware will give you these for every PCI device in the system.
Would that be useful somehow?

> > The evidence seems to be that the Lava card is a true high-speed EPP
> > device, while the SIIG is a proprietary printer accelerator. (It
> > doesn't hurt that the Lava card is made here in Toronto, either ;-) ).

I bought the Intek21 card before I figured out that the Intek21/SIIG cards
seem to be proprietary.

> I have a SIIG card here (dual parallel ports). It is an ECP device, and
> my latest parport_pc code says things like this about it:
> 0xfff0: FIFO is 16 bytes
> 0xfff0: writeIntrThreshold is 14
> 0xfff0: readIntrThreshold is 14
> parport1: PC-style at 0xfff0 (0xffe4) [PCSPP,TRISTATE,EPP,ECP]
> Incidentally, support for SIIG and Lava cards is in 2.3.6.
> > What I don't know is if anyone has used one in an Alpha.
> Robert Rinker has used a SIIG card in an Alpha. My Multia doesn't have a
> PCI slot, unfortunately.
> I haven't heard of anyone trying a Lava card on an Alpha, but I don't see
> why it shouldn't just work.

I guess what I'm facing is this. I need the latest parport code in order to
use the SIIG/Intek21 card. Is the best way to do this:
1) Try and modify just the parport drivers in my 2.2.5 kernel that came w/
RH6.0, OR
2) Upgrade to 2.3.6 completely, which I can do, but aside from parport, I
don't have any need for a development kernel. Plus, I have to admit while
I'm quite comfortable compiling kernel source, I'm not sure of any "gotchas"
trying to run a 2.3.x kernel on RH6.0. (Any kind soul who'd like to clue me
in off-line? Any RPMs to upgrade first, etc.) :-)


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