[PARPORT] ppscsi/epst mode question (slow scanning w/ hp5200C)

Mark Thorp Duxbury (marktd@bellsouth.net)
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 22:16:22 -0400

First, thanks for the ppscsi/epst driver!!!

I applied the ppSCSI-0.90 patch against a 2.2.9 kernel and compiled
ppscsi and epst as modules; with scsi and sg compiled into the kernel.
I also have parport support compiled into the kernel (but I get the same
results with or without it). BIOS is set to EPP, Base 0x378, IRQ7. No
conflicts. (The port also supports ECP mode, but if I enable that mode
in BIOS epst only works in nibble mode). With BIOS set to EPP, parport

            bash$ cat /proc/parport/0/hardware
            base: 0x378
            irq: 7
            dma: none
            modes: SPP,PS2,EPP

ppscsi and epst modules install without messages and scsi reports:

            bash$ cat /proc/scsi/scsi
            Attached devices:
            Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
            Vendor: HP Model: C5190A Rev: 3740
            Type: Processor ANSI SCSI revision:

            bash$ cat /proc/scsi/epst/0
            ident: epst 0.90 (0.90), Shuttle EPST
            base port: 0x378
            mode: 2
            mode name: PS/2
            delay: 1
            nice: 0
            verbose: 0
            quiet: 0
            tot_cmds: 28
            tot_bytes: 980
            tot_errs: 3
            parport device: parport0
            claimed: 0

I cannot get any modes other than 2 (PS/2) to work. If I try to install
the epst driver with anything other than mode 2 I get:

            insmod epst host0=0x378,<anything other than 2>
            /lib/modules/2.2.9/scsi/epst.o: init_module: Device or
resource busy

If I try to change the mode by echoing mode= into /proc/scsi/epst/0, the
driver reports the new mode, but stops working. I have to reboot to fix
this since 'rmmod epst' doesn't work (it reports the device as in use).

The scanner works fine with the driver in mode 2 (for which I am very
grateful) but is rather slow; around 4:30 minutes to scan a 300dpi color
page. Under Windows 95 with the HP driver/backend it takes about 35
seconds. I don't know how much, if any, of this performance difference
is due to the ppscsi/epst drivers and how much is due to SANE.

Anyway. Any ideas as to why I can't get EPP mode to work? Have I done
something wrong? or will it just not work with my hardware? (And, would
it even make a difference?) I must plead laziness here since I haven't
looked at how epst determines the port mode, I thought I'd just ask

Thanks again for the driver, the scanner works, and slow is infinitely
better than not at all.


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