[PARPORT] ls-120 trouble..

Thu, 24 Jun 1999 02:27:02 +0200


Just borrowed an Imation LS-120 drive which is attached at the
parallel port here..

It's running ok, but it seems to slow the whole PC down...

K6 II 333mhz / 32 MB RAM / Linux (RH 5.2 and 6.0) with kernel 2.2.10

Is it suppose to act like that or is something else wrong ?
Another thing I wondered about is:
Can one "renice" the copy-process on the LS-120 drive right from the
start ?

Now I start e.g. a file-copy to the LS-120, and after that I can try to
renice it in "top" etc.
I would like to have the LS-120 behave somewhat more politely, so that the
normal multi-tasking can be used.

any suggestions ? TIA!

gr o e tjes, Albert.

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