[PARPORT] Accessing an Imation superdisk

Thu, 24 Jun 1999 01:01:19 -0400

All my drivers load fine but when i tried to mount it I got the wrong fs
or bad superblock error.
I ran 'mke2fs /dev/pf0' but it said :
"pf0: write block data wait: alt=0x51 stat=0x51 err=0x64 loop=0 phase=3"

"pf0: write block data wait: alt=0x0 stat=0x0 err=0x101 loop=160001
and I let it run for about 2 hrs but nothing new happened so i rebooted.

Then I ran 'mke2fs -S /dev/pf0' and it gave similar messages but finally
said Done.
I then ran a check on it and it said it could not find the superblock or
any backups.
Here's the drives I loaded in order:
  parport_probe.o (tried with and without this one)

I have tried all these things many times but nothing works.
Any suggestions?

     Michael Young

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