Re: [PARPORT] ThinkPad 380XD Drive A:
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 07:14:06 -0400 (EDT)

> I am brand new here, so I hope this question has not been asked 100 times
> this week.
No, I don't think it has. In fact, while part of your mail is relevant to
this list, I'm not sure the main issue is at all ...

> I am trying to install linux and I can not get drive A: to recognize the
> boot disc.

You'll need to be a lot clearer about which Linux distribution you are
trying to install - and what you mean when you say the boot disc is not

> On my machine, drive A: is not the default.

Do you mean the default boot disk ? If it isn't, why not change it in
the CMOS settings ?

> I have years of work on my laptop and am afraid I will trash it, so what I
> had hoped to do was boot the linux install (RedHat 6), and install on my

Ah .. there's the distribution.

> Syquest SparQ 1G drive (parallel). That way if I goof, my other stuff
> is safe.

You have made backups of all that important work on some of your SparQ
media, right ?

> Am I dreaming?

Possibly. You cannot _easily_ use a parallel port device as your system
disk. It is technically possible. You have to know how to install a system
without the use of an installer like the RedHat installer. But, it is
certainly not a recommended configuration. (Performance can be discouraging.)

> If I am dreaming, then I will get another machine for linux.

Regardless of where you go with Linux, you should really use that SparQ
to make reliable backups of your data. If can't afford to lose the disk
in your laptop, you're in a pretty shaky state.

Grant R. Guenther

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