Re: [PARPORT] cdrecord and HP7500e
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 14:10:01 +0000

> There have been a number of reports of this problem. I'm not sure if
> your report clarifies anything or muddies the water more.

Sorry, I meant to help solve it.

> > When sp->size is zero inside do_scsi_cmd, inside
> > drivers/block/paride/pg.c, at pg_command() dlen is also zero and that
> > causes and error.
> There's not really anything wrong with a dlen of zero - that just means
> that the command expects no data to be sent or returned. However, it seems
> that you've done something else with the code. dlen has nothing to do with
> the length of the CDB, which is always 12.

I just changed a print sentence! The fact is, when I I changed cdrecord
so that it would not write with a dlen of zero the /scanbus command *DID
WORK*. That is why I thought there could be a difference in the
protocol or something that you guys, that know about it, could solve if
I pointed out it had something to do with dlen ...

> Please undo your changes and report the _exact_ errors that occur.

Alright, I am sending the message I already sent with the output from
the *untouched* cdrecord and pg.c.

> The last time this came up, we seemed to come to the conclusion that the
> drive in the 7500 is not compatible with cdrecord.

But what could it be? I can mount the drive with pcd, and I can see it
with cdrecord -scanbus if I change the code. Just think, cdrecord *can*
get the inquiry information if I skip the 'write() when sp->size zero'
stuff. If you do that you get no error whatsoever scanning the bus and
you get the right information, until you want to write to the CD of,
course, or I wouldn't be writing here :).

Bye, Eduardo.

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