[PARPORT] bidirectional parallel port

Christian Bucher (bucher@vernetzt.at)
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 12:06:05 +0200

Some time ago I expanded the sane epson backend for use with epson
scanners connected through parallel port. Epson delivered the scanner
with something called "bidirectional parallel port" wich I saw beside
that only in one of my notebooks. I adapeted some code from older
software wich supported epson scanners and located the driver in user
space. I think that was the best choice at this time. But know I've
hope that with parport it's possible to make a better implementation.

I've some questions wich are probably easy to answer for you:

- does someone know what the difference between this bidirectional and
  other parallel ports are?

- do you think it's possible to read from the scanner with other
  parallel ports?

- do you think it's possible to read from the scanner using the
  lp, parport driver etc. ?

- do the parport driver supports bidirectional ports too?

- if not, whats the best ways to implement something that will do
  all of the above?

thanks a lot


| Christian Bucher
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| mailto:bucher@vernetzt.at

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