[PARPORT] PROBLEM SOLVED! cdrecord and HP7500e

Sat, 26 Jun 1999 21:02:09 +0000


I just burned my first CD-RW under Linux with cdrecord 1.8a22 and a
HP7500e and I want to share the solution with you all.

Cdrecord was getting from the command structure only the bytes that
needed to be sent to the device according to the group the command
belonged to. Since "inquiry" belongs to group zero only six bytes were
used to form the CDB and the rest were garbage. The patch I am
attaching to this message sends the right amount of bytes from the
command structure but then fills up the rest of the CDB with zeros.

There might be other problems, I don't know that much about CDBs and
ATAPI and have not found pointers to that type of information on the
net. Maybe zeroing the rest of the CDB is a poor idea. Anyhow, *IT

Just unpack the source and 'patch -p0 < patch-cdrecord-1.8.a22.txt' from
the main directory (cdrecord-1.8).

Have fun!

Bye, Eduardo.

--- libscg/scsi-linux-pg.c.orig Sat Jun 26 20:41:47 1999
+++ libscg/scsi-linux-pg.c Sat Jun 26 20:42:04 1999
@@ -293,8 +293,11 @@
         whp->dlen = sp->size;
         whp->timeout = sp->timeout;
- for(i=0;i<sp->cdb_len;i++)
- whp->packet[i] = sp->cdb.cmd_cdb[i];
+ for(i=0;i<12;i++)
+ if (i < sp->cdb_len)
+ whp->packet[i] = sp->cdb.cmd_cdb[i];
+ else
+ whp->packet[i] = 0;
         i = WHSIZE;
         if (!inward)

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