Re: [PARPORT] Re: Has anyone read a printer sending data to a linux lp port?

Tim Waugh (
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 08:27:06 +0100 (GMT)

On Sat, 10 Jul 1999, Eugene Kanter wrote:

> I was searching the web for this topic and come across your message. I
> need to do exactly the same thing. I looked at a parallel port access
> program (picprog-2.2) as an example however it was written for 2.0.x
> kernels and does not compile under 2.2.x. For example LP_B macro is no
> longer defined in the kernel.

I'm about to start work on this actually. I just need a cable and a
little bit of time. ;-)

The plan is to use a custom cable that has straight-through data lines,
with nStrobe connected to nAck, but I haven't worked out the details.

As far as the software goes, I am hoping to use ppdev (found in 2.3.10).
I also plan to back-port ppdev to 2.2.x, although this last step isn't
necessary for support for vprinters under 2.2, since 'ppuser' (which is
what ppdev used to be called, and it for 2.2.x) should be
source-compatible at least for the things that vprinter will want to do.

I haven't looked at picprog, but I imagine it uses inb/outb. The
advantage of using ppdev is that you don't need to be root, you just need
a friendly sysadmin and a spare parallel port to play with, since it works
with device nodes.

Basically, once the cable layout is agreed upon, the coding won't be hard
at all. I won't be able to do any work on this in the next few days, so
if someone could come up with a cable layout that would be a good first


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