[PARPORT] Re: Has anyone read a printer sending data to a linux lp port?

Eugene Kanter (eugene@ultra.net)
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 23:16:43 -0400 (EDT)


I was searching the web for this topic and come across your message. I
need to do exactly the same thing. I looked at a parallel port access
program (picprog-2.2) as an example however it was written for 2.0.x
kernels and does not compile under 2.2.x. For example LP_B macro is no
longer defined in the kernel.


> Hi;
> A friend has this really old computer and wants to get the files that
> can be printed off of it. It has disk drives that are not
> compatible with any modern equipment we have. It has no idea about
> networking. However it can print to it parallel port and we think this
> is a standard centronics like connector.
> We want to get the files that print to paper out to files on a linux
> box. We are thinking we would connect this centronics connector to a
> parallel port on a linux box and read in all the data that gets send
> when the really old machine starts printing (to what it thinks is a
> printer). Instead of a paper trail we would log the incoming to ascii
> files on the linux machine.

> Has this been done and could someone point me to the application that
> would be of interest to us or if you have some ideas on how best to
> peruse this then please also let us know..
> Thanks

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