Re: [PARPORT] Memorex CD-RW4224e
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 07:21:38 -0400 (EDT)

> For your information - I have successfully used Memorex's cd write device and
> got linux (RedHat 6.0) to work with it using the friq protocol and the pg
> driver.
> I have found that gcombust also works quite well as a front end for cdrecord -
> gcombust recognises the pg driver, unlike some other front ends.

Good news - thanks for letting us know.

> A question I do have, but is it really for this list? - what is the "lun"
> parameter? I have set it to "0" and this works ok but would like to know if it
> might be better to set it to a value between 0-7 (all of which are recognised
> by cdrecord) - higher than this does not seem to work.

SCSI allows for up to eight separate subtargets within a single device.
The only place I have personally seen LUNs used is in PD/CD drives, but I
believe there are many applications. A PD/CD drive has two LUNS. Lun 0
accepts CD-ROM commands, if there is a CD in the drive, and LUN 1 accepts
disk commands, if there is PD media in the drive.

Devices whose firmware doesn't understand LUNs will often respond on all
8 LUNs. That's why Linux has a "Probe all LUNs" option in the SCSI
configuration, and it is OFF by default.

ATAPI is SCSI commands delivered through the IDE register model, so all
of this also applies to ATAPI devices.

In your case, it seems that the LUN field is ignored, so the device responds
to all possible LUNs. You should just use LUN 0.

Grant R. Guenther

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