[PARPORT] Memorex CD-RW4224e

jim whitman (jimwhitman@tangaroa.screaming.net)
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 06:47:05 +0100


For your information - I have successfully used Memorex's cd write device and
got linux (RedHat 6.0) to work with it using the friq protocol and the pg

I have found that gcombust also works quite well as a front end for cdrecord -
gcombust recognises the pg driver, unlike some other front ends.

A question I do have, but is it really for this list? - what is the "lun"
parameter? I have set it to "0" and this works ok but would like to know if it
might be better to set it to a value between 0-7 (all of which are recognised
by cdrecord) - higher than this does not seem to work.


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