[PARPORT] Todai Camera?

Reed Wade (wade@gnncast.net)
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 21:26:13 -0400


Has anyone tried to reverse engineer the Todai parallel port
camera. I contacted tech support via email to Japan and they
said it was an NEC design of some sort and were very sorry that
they couldn't give me any useful information.


They're available from several places for around $31-35 and
they work great under windows (with updated drivers from their
web site).

In any case, could someone give me some basic pointers
to reverse engineer something like this?

I tried portmon (from Systems Internals) per a suggestion
in a previous post to this list but it shows no activity
for the parallel port. I'm a little reluctant to try to
set up WINE in case it works under that.

Right now I'm writing a little program to send different
bits to the parallel port and looking to see if talks back.


Reed Wade

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