Re: [PARPORT] Todai Camera?

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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:08:52 -0400

At 08:00 AM 7/19/99 , wrote:

>Can you point me to a specific supplier, at that price its worth
>wasting a few bucks ;-)

I bought two from Delta Computers (at their store in Atlanta)
for $35 each,

I have seen at least one other place on the net that claims
to have them for $31 but I can't locate a reference right now.

>> In any case, could someone give me some basic pointers
>> to reverse engineer something like this?
>Well, if we can get the data, there's lots of expertise here to
>analyse it.


>> I'm a little reluctant to try to
>> set up WINE in case it works under that.
>That's probably your only hope right now. It's possible that we might
>be able to do something with VMware eventually, but its not there yet.
>Here's a clue. If the Windows drivers involve a VXD file, it won't work
>in wine. BUT, if the driver is implemented entirely as an application
>program, then it might work, and you'd be able to do i/o tracing.

It's a VXD. At least there's a VXD among the installation files.

>> Right now I'm writing a little program to send different
>> bits to the parallel port and looking to see if talks back.
>Good luck. Even the most primitive protocols will be impossible to
>crack that way. Most devices require that you wiggle the data lines
>in some specific multibyte pattern (without altering any control lines)
>before they will react in any way.

dern, actually that a little reassuring, I was, in fact, making no
progress with that approach; I did get the data port to read 00 or ff
given specific writes to the ctrl port but that's about all.

>Grant R. Guenther

So, what's the best thing for me to do right now?

If someone's really bored, I could arrange remote access to a machine
that has one of these attached.


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