[PARPORT] HP Colorado 14Gb (or 8Gb) compatibility?

Bradley Rosser (b_rosser@yahoo.com)
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 11:59:28 -0400 (EDT)

Hi. I'm thinking of buying a parallel-port tape drive and
am considering the HP Colorado 14Gb external drive. I've
checked dejanews, the Linux parallel-port archive and some
other web sites and it looks like this device should work on
Linux, but being paranoid I thought I'd check a few things
first. I've seen notes about the Colorado 5Gb and 8Gb drives
in this mailing list's archive, but nothing about the 14Gb
(it must be relatively new?).

Would anyone be able to help me by answering any of the
following questions -

o does anyone have a Colorado 14Gb external tape drive
   working (or not working) under Linux?

o at this point I gather than only the 'rewind' mt function
   works for parallel-port tape drives? Is there any way
   one can 'append' backup volumes to a HP Colorado tape?
   (i.e. 'mt eod' to the last filemark, etc). Or is it the
   case at the moment that tapes can be used only for one
   volume at any time?

o I've seen mention of 'Travan' in association with the HP
   Colorado drives, or the drives written as 'HP T8000'
   (for the 8Gb drive). What is this 'Travan', please? I'm
   worried I might buy the wrong drive!

Advice on the above points or comments in general on the HP
Colorado lines of parallel-port tape drives would be much


Brad Rosser

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