[PARPORT] ZIP/PLUS undetected

Robson Francisco de Souza (rfsouza@fma.if.usp.br)
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 18:53:45 -0300 (EST)

        Hi everybody,

        I'm having problems while trying to detect my IOMEGA ZIP/100
drive. It's a parallel port model with "AutoDetect" written on its cable
and I'm using the imm driver. Below is the message I got when trying to
load imm.o with modprobe (ZIP drive turned on, either empty or with a
disk). Typing "modprobe imm" I got

imm: Version 2.03 (for Linux 2.0.0)
imm: Found device at ID 6, Attempting to use EPP 16 bit
imm: No devices found, aborting driver load.
scsi : 1 host.
/lib/modules/2.2.1/scsi/imm.o: init_module: Device or resource busy

        My system is a Pentium II (Deschutes), PC100 motherboard, 192Mb
RAM, running Debian/Linux, kernel version 2.2.1. I also have an ide HD
and two CD drives, a CDROM and an HP CD-Writter+ 7100, both connected to
the ide interfaces using the ide-scsi emulation driver. The file
/proc/scsi/scsi is

Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
  Vendor: I Model: DE CD-ROM TW160D Rev: 1.30
  Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 01 Lun: 00
  Vendor: HP Model: CD-Writer+ 7100 Rev: 1.00
  Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02

and they are both seen as /dev/scd[0,1] and /dev/hd[b,c] (xcdroast),
        I configured my kernel just as described in ZIP-DRIVE mini-HOWTO:
added scsi support, scsi disk support, compiled imm and lp as modules and
unloadded lp before trying to use imm. Here is the list of my modules when
i tried to use modprobe:

Module Size Used by
parport_pc 5032 0 (autoclean)
sound 55156 0 (autoclean) (unused)
soundcore 2192 3 (autoclean) [sound]
vmnet 9032 3
vmmon 9868 0 (unused)
nfs 28264 2
lockd 27912 1 [nfs]
sunrpc 48516 1 [nfs lockd]
isofs 17096 0 (unused)
vfat 11404 1
fat 24012 1 [vfat]
nls_cp437 3548 1
binfmt_aout 3820 0

        But, with all that I still can't see my ZIP drive! What is
happening? If I connect the printer to the printer port on the ZIP drive
the printer works fine! (parport detects the parallel port at 0x378, no
IRQ or DMA). And the ZIP drive was ok under windows... ("was" because my
windows is out of air because of same unimportant old bugs, etc, etc...
        Can someone help me?! Pleaseeeeee ;).
        I thank you all for your attention.

 # Robson Francisco de Souza #
 # R. Gioconda Mussolini, 38/54 #
 # Jardim Rizzo #
 # Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil #
 # CEP 05587-120 #
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 # E-mail: rfsouza@fma.if.usp.br Tel: 818-3188 (curso - CECM) #

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