[PARPORT] daemon ppd

jaimie (jaimie@club-internet.fr)
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 01:47:04 +0200

I upgraded my kernel 2.0.36 to 2.2.9 (realese mandrake 5.3).
All is good except the daemon ppd .
When I test the printer , I receive the following message:
error printing test page to queue lp
error reason : lpr :connect: connexion refused, jobs queued,
but cannot start daemon.
When linux starts, this message appears :
starting up APM daemon : apmd No APM support in kernel.
When I chose the options before compiling the kernel .
I thought having selected all of them which was possible for
this task but unfortunately there is an error on my part which
I cannot solve.
I will be grateful if you could help me in this matter.
Thanking you in advance.

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