[PARPORT] zip and printer modules

B. Chapman (chapmanb@u.washington.edu)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 11:05:21 -0700 (PDT)

I've had some problems using my zip drive, and I was wondering if anyone
had any help. I'm using SuSE 6.1.

First, I get a segmentation fault sometimes when i load the ppa module
with "modprobe ppa", sometimes not. Is this a hardware problem, or
something else. This mostly happens when I'm using KDE, and I was trying
to figure out whether KDE would load the lp module when it sets up because
it detects something in the parallel port. Does anyone know? Could that
also be the cause of the segmentation fault?

Any help is appreciated.
Please respond to chapmanb@u.washington.edu

Thanks, Brian Chapman

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