RE: [PARPORT] Error using HP 5GB drive

J. Scott Berg (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 14:33:29 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, John Lange wrote:

> I'm surprised that it did go to the list. I know I sent it there, but I
> figured it would reject since I'm not subscribed with this email address.

Apparently I'm subscribed read-only at the moment, since is
rejecting mail from me (Earthlink seems to be in ORBS at the moment).
I'll try sending this to the list as well in case only some of
Earthlink's mail servers are blocked...

> Before I go any further.. Can you define "made 3 paperweights out of..." ? I
> hope your not saying that just by hooking it up and loading a few modules
> that I've potentially destroyed my drive?

No, I was just commenting on the poor quality of the drive hardware.
I don't think there is any action you can take (in software at least)
to destroy the drive.

> BTW, it's a brand new drive with a fresh tape. Both right out of the
> packaging.

It's still possible that the tape is no good. If you are able to load
the module successfully but are still having problems, try a new tape
from a different source. But check the EPP business first. Don't
forget the verbose=1 bit.

> Regarding the mother board; it may be a problem. This is my development
> machine that I use for experimenting. The actual machine it will be
> installed on is much newer and should not have any mother board or BIOS
> problems. I didn't want to try this on that machine because it is a
> production server and things that require recompiling the kernel or never
> much fun :)

Just out of curiosity, why did you get a parallel port drive? The
only reason I have one is that I have a laptop, and therefore cannot
hook anything up to the IDE bus. The IDE tape drives are cheaper,
faster, and use DMA so they don't make your machine's performance
choppy when you use them (every time the tape changes direction,
everything stalls).

The drive definitely works; other folks have used it successfully (and
it is essentially the same thing as what I have as far as the software
is concerned).

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