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On Friday, September 03, 1999 1:46 AM, Paco Rius []
> Hello,
> I'm just trying to setup the ppscsi module for my scanner, an HP5100C.
> downloaded that ppSCSI-0.91.patch to add a module for the ppSCSI.. what
> should
> I do now? I'm just clueless, I've tried adding that file to my kernel

A patch is really nothing more than the output of a diff command comparing
the standard linux source tree with the enhanced sources. The diff output is
just a bunch of ex commands, telling which lines should be deleted and what
lines should be added to change one into the other.

So far the background; now to answer your question: the patch program will
apply said changes when it is fed with a patchfile. What is you do is:
        - put the patchfile anywhere you like
        - cd /usr/src/linux or wherever your source tree resides
        - patch -p1 < [patchfile] (mind the less-than sign)
        - reconfigure and build your kernel. The configuration should show
the new parport options.

The -p1 flag is the tricky part; it tells patch to ignore the first
component of the path of every file to patch, which is OK since you're in
the linux directory already.

Good luck,


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