Re: [PARPORT] HP Colorado 5GB Errors while taring large amounts of data

Ian Soboroff (
03 Sep 1999 10:48:43 -0400

"Wangster" <> writes:

> working for a very long time and I thought it was going to work, but then it
> died saying this:
> ----- start ---
> tar -cf /dev/pt0 /
> tar: Removing leading `/' from absolute path names in the archive
> tar: Cannot write to /dev/pt0: I/O error
> tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
> ---- end ---
> And in dmesg for the same command:
> --- start ---
> pt0: write DSC timeout
> pt0: Sense key: 0, ASC: 0, ASQ: 0
> pt0: write filemark DSC timeout
> pt0: Request sense before command: alt=0xc0 stat=0xc0 err=0x1c0 loop=600001
> phase=192
> pt0: rewind before command: alt=0xc0 stat=0xc0 err=0x1c0 loop=600001
> phase=192
> pt0: Request sense before command: alt=0xc0 stat=0xc0 err=0x1c0 loop=600001
> phase=192
> --- end ---

i have also seen these same problems. and heaven help you if you try
tar -t or --verify...

> Unless this is being caused by my lame-o mother board and its EPC1.9 mode, I
> think the modules might be buggy. The only other thing that I'm concerned
> about is that message about sharing the parport.. Shared with what? I have
> nothing else on the port or using it. Did I maybe compile something into the

there are definitely problems in pt which no one has gotten around to
debugging... i think the essence of it is that when you hang an IDE
device off the parallel port, the CPU has to do a lot more work than
if you had a "real" IDE controller on the bus. (for example, i don't
think you can DMA over the parallel port) life is marginally
better with a port delay of 1, but increasing the delay more doesn't

as to the sharing... parport assumes it might be sharing the port with
some other device connected to your tape drive's passthrough port (or
the drive might be connected to the passthrough on the other device!).

i really don't have much experience kernel hacking, but if some folks
have any good pointers for where to start poking, i might be able to
contribute to the effort. i've noticed that when the I/O error
happens, the system load spikes and the system becomes unresponsive.
so i assume some process is spinning tight on something from the drive
where it shouldn't be.

Ian Soboroff                             
University of MD Baltimore County

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