[PARPORT] Re: onscsi driver...

Brian Macy (bmacy@sunshinecomputing.com)
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 22:43:58 -0700

I'm trying out the onscsi driver with my Microtek E3 Plus and it works
pretty well. The thing I'm concerned with is that it seems to lock my
entire machine while scanning (EPP). This wouldn't bother me as much but
this is an SMP machine so I'd expect at least one processor to be
available... and since this is Linux it still bothers me that it hurts
so bad. Is this something I'm just going to have to live with on a
parallel port scanner or is it odd behavior?

I noticed it is using spinlocks instead of the old cli/sti which is
good... that was my first thing to check.

Brian Macy

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