12 Sep 99 12:01:41 AM

This is Cybernet Enterprise and we are sending you this e-mail to let you in
on some of the best prices in Bulk E-Mailing. If you are interested in more
information . Please call anytime 209-669-3628
$200.00 For 1 Million E-Mails Sent.
$400.00 For 3 Million E-Mails Sent.
$600.00 For 5 Million E-Mails Sent.
$800.00 For 7 Million E-Mails Sent.
$1000.00 For 10 Million E-Mails Sent.
We also have target lists..Just call and ask!
P.S. I am able to send you proof of your mailings. I will send you via
e-mail, uploaded mail-log files of the actual sendings so you can know
first-hand exactly what i'm doing for you.

IT REALLY DOES WORK!! I made this ad short so call for more info..
CALL NOW FOR INFO.....209-669-3628

cybernet101@mail.com if link fails, please call anytime

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