[PARPORT] 5V TTL serial communication through parport/duart setup

Jon Burford (jburford@xsilogy.com)
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 20:14:13 -0700

I am using a board through which I would like to communicate with two 5V TTL serial devices concurrently, both at 9600bps. My initial plan is to use the following hardware setup:

PARPORT -> DUART => 2 serial devices

I was hoping to connect the parallel port control pins to the 3 address lines on the duart. Then use the 8 data pins with the 8 data pins of the duart. Since data must be bi-directional, the parallel port must be in ECP/EPP mode. The motivation behind this is to save the board's 2 serial ports for other peripherals which require serial as well. I would like some suggestions on the following:

1) Must my code live in kernel space in order to service the two devices running async at 9600bps each?
2) Can I use the control pins for the duart's address lines if the parport is in ECP/EPP mode?
3) Has anyone attempted this or seen code or other helpful resources out there?

Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

Jon Burford

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