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Thu, 16 Sep 1999 01:07:34 -0400

What model & unit ID Backpack CD are you using? Using vitual terminals
CTRL-ALT-F3 and CTRL-ALT-F4 you could provide more info on why the drive isn't
recognized, but I suspect your using the default RH boot.img which only works
with much older backpack cd drives. Get the new boot.img and become familiar
with CTRL-ALT-F2 a limited bash# prompt avaliable in second stage install. -A
word of advice, RH upgrade will only upgrade packages you already have. If you
want to be prompted to install new packages & features you should back up /,
/usr/local, /home... and chose install.

I just finished an rh5.2-6.0 upgrade/install on my old dell lx486 laptop with
the new boot.img provided by Bill Nottingham the URL is
During the upgrade I ran into a bug that appears to be inherant to all RH6
bootdisks when selecting the "Upgrade" method, it scans your hard drive and
fails to unmount some partitions. I didn't get this error when I used the

After selecting install method "Parallel CDROM", you may get this error
RH6.0 Upgrade menu scans for SCSI devices twice, then reports error:
"Mount Failed: Device or Resouce Busy"

CTRL-ALT-F3 should report something like *
* pci probing for SCSI devices
* pci probe found -1 SCSI devices
* making symlink from /tmp/rhimage to image
* unmounting all filesystems
* mounting hda1 on /mnt as type ext2
* calling mount(/tmp/hda1, /mnt, ext2, -1058209792, (nil))
... this may give you the false impression that all your hd partitions were
scanned, mounted and unmounted cleanly. There is probably one hd partition
that did not unmount correctly. I'm not sure why this happens, or why install
scans for SCSI devs twice?, Next try...
CTRL-ALT-F2 will give you a bash shell. Enter the bash# df command and look
for any partitions other than your floppy & cdrom. Then try...
bash# umount /mnt
CTRL-ALT-F1 will take you back to the Install menu & you should be able to

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"Cloghesy, Charles" wrote: > > Hello all, > > I have been using my BP CDrom with my ancient AST 486 Laptop for quite some > time now. I have RedHat 5.1 currently installed on the laptop. This week > I tried to upgrade to RH 6.0. When I get to the install section that for > selecting the CDrom unit, I pick Backpack, and I get an error message > stating that it "Cannot find device anywhere" > > I can still mount and read from the CDrom in Linux now with RH5.1 but why > when I try to upgrade to the drivers fail to find my device? Although I > never had to input any other device info ("optional parameters"), do I now > need to input a parameter? > > Thanks in advance, > > Charles >

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