[PARPORT] [Parport] Help on ECP mode.

Gilles Noyer (G.Noyer@lectra.com)
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 10:51:32 +0200

Gilles Noyer wrote:

> > Hi
> I am trying to use a generic parport driver with ECP mode.
> I Tryed a kernel with patch-2.2.10-ppdev4 and ppdev driver, with this ECP write
> is OK but the read ECP is not possible.
> I Tryed a kernel with patch-2.2.10-tmw2.tgz with ppuser driver thes ECP
> negociatdion don't work if I made
> ioctl(fd,PPSELECT,ECP);
> So my question is what driver need I to use for read/write on parallel port on
> What ioctl need I to use for the init.
> Thanks a lot for your Help.
> Gilles Noyer.

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