[PARPORT] Newbie -- how to access the ECP from an application ?

Joost Roelandt (joey@netbeat.com)
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 14:05:21 +0200


I'd like to write an application that will communicate using an ECP.

Basically my question for now is: where can I find info ?
What should I look into before starting anything like this ?

I'll be a little more elaborate:

For starters, I've never done any kernel hacking whatsoever,
cause that remains way over my head so far. I do not intend
to write any drivers either, I'd really just like to use whatever there
available already, in userspace, as an application.

Therefor I was hoping the drivers might provide function like
'put the port in ECP mode', 'send bytes', 'receive bytes' or
'if data is ready at the port, call function X to handle it' etc. etc.

Is this more or less available, or is my idea of the parport driver
completely bogus ? (should I go and try to read the source ?)

I'd like to stress once more: what I'm asking for basically now,
is just info, references, andthelike, so I can study all this in much
more detail (so I can bother you with smaller, more precise
questions later ;),

You think I'd have to learn how to do kernelhacking aswell,
or could I be spared from that ?

If this is the wrong mailinglist, or just a hilariously stupid question,

I apologise, hoping you can refer to any other source of information.




For the ones wondering what I'd like to do:

Creative made an mp3-man called 'Nomad',
that uses communication over an ECP port to load/unload
mp3's and voice messages, basically: to control the thing.

No application is available for Linux, nor will they create any such
(the application they provide runs on Windows95/98 only)
So I thought I'd give it a go, since I like a challenge every now and
and I'd like to study ECP anyway, so....
I'm currently negotiating with them, hoping they will provide me the
protocol specs.

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J u s t a n o t h e r d a y

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