Re: [PARPORT] PPA Zip: unsupported message byte 187 received

Ian Cameron (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 15:12:28 +0100

After much messing around, and to my great embarrassment, I have found the
solution to my Zip drive in PS/2 mode problem.

It's nothing to do with the driver, but an undocumented jumper on the dual
parallel card marked HI/LOW. You might have guessed by now that this ties the
end of the pull up resistors to either 0V or +5V, and for some bizarre reason
the card is supplied with this jumper set to low! It's only today when I took
the card out to try changing the chips around that I noticed it...

Why the default is low when the spec says pins pulled high I don't know, but I
do know I'm glad it's all sorted out, even if I did waste countless hours
inserting printk() statements into the ppa code in an attempt to debug it!

Cheers, Ian.

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