[PARPORT] ECP transfers

Mark Huang (markman@MIT.EDU)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 22:26:05 EDT


How do you perform an ECP transfer in kernel space using the linux-2.2.x
parport interface? The steps I've taken so far are

1. Registering with parport_register_device()
2. Changing to ECP mode with parport_pc_frob_econtrol()
3. Writing with parport_pc_write_fifo()

Everything is set up correctly in the BIOS, and parport seems to detect my
ECP/EPP port fine after loading. Nothing come outs on the parallel port,
though, or at least HostCLK doesn't strobe.

The transfer is handled in hardware, as I understand it, so that all I should
have to do is outb() to base+0x400. I guess I'm missing some sort of
initialization code. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it! Thanks,


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