Re: [PARPORT] DEC Alpha and Avatar Shark Drive

Praveen Srinivasan (
Sun, 03 Oct 1999 21:02:29 -0400

Here's a follow up to my situation. I plugged an old IDE controller with an
SPP parallel port into my machine to try it out with a different parallel
port, but I still met with no luck. Does anybody know if an Avatar Shark
needs an ECP or EPP port to work? And, btw, what is the difference between
an ECP and an EPP port?


At 07:24 AM 09/27/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>> > I tried it with verbose=1. It probes a lot of addresses, and finds
>> > However, the drive lights up during probing. It's as if it's not able to
>> > communicate fully. Would a lava-type card work? Are there any special
>> > drivers needed for it?
>> Yes. 2.3.x recognises it without any fuss, but for 2.2 you need to apply
>> this patch:
>> <URL:>
>> Unfortunately, this brings in a load more than just PCI card support. If
>> I find some spare time I might back-port just the PCI support as an add-on
>> patch.
>Actually, installing this patch won't make any difference as far as PARIDE
>is concerned. You just need to know the base port of the Lava card and
>pass it as an explicit argument when you load pd.
> eg: insmod pd drive0=0x6200
>lspci or /proc/pci should be able to help locate the card.
>If PARPORT is not installed, or the port is not known to it, PARIDE will
>still work, but without the sharing features.
>Grant R. Guenther
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