Re: [PARPORT] help with Imation ls-120

Joshua Jore (
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 08:41:06 -0500

Before you read farther understand that I don't work in the SuperDisk group so
I'm not speaking for my employer (Imation) here, I just have a little more than
average experience with the SuperDisk.

Since you said that you're loading Epatls.exe instead of sd120ppd.exe I'm
assuming that you have one of the newer 2x SuperDisk drives. I've used epat and
pf with the older SuperDisk without a problem (in fact I am right now). The
newer drive appears to use a different chip. One of the diagnostic programs that
gets shipped with the drive reads the previous chip as EPAT+ but the new chip
reads as EP1284 instead. I've tried using a 2x drive on my RH 6.0 system and I
had the same problem.

It'll take a new protocol or something for the new drive to work, IMHO.


phil <> on 10/06/99 01:47:17 AM

cc: (bcc: Joshua Jore/CSTDI/Imation)
Subject: [PARPORT] help with Imation ls-120

I asked this question a some time last week, and I haven't seen an answer
anywhere, so in case my question never got to the list,
here it is again.

I have an Imation ls120 attached to my parallel port.
I am running kernel version 2.2.12.
I can not access the ls-120 unless I first load from
dos the driver epatls.
>From the messages that this driver displays, it almost looks
as if this drive is some sort of parallel scsi drive.
Do I need to load the ppscsi drivers along with
paride, epat and pf?


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