[PARPORT] Trying to print on a HP OfficeJet T45

Iain McClatchie (iainmcc@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:43:23 -0700

The easiest problem to describe is that the printer asks to be
reconnected to the computer after it prints a page of text.

The system is a base RedHat 5.2, upgraded to a 2.2.12 kernel.

The parport driver appears to be talking to the printer okay:
[[iain@zippy ~]$ cat /proc/parport/0/autoprobe
MODEL:OfficeJet T Series;
DESCRIPTION:Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet T Series;

The lp driver seems to have grabbed the port okay:
[[iain@zippy ~]$ cat /proc/parport/0/devices
[[iain@zippy ~]$ cat /proc/parport/0/irq

The parport driver seems to understand that the printer wants to talk
[[iain@zippy ~]$ cat /proc/parport/0/hardware
base: 0x378
irq: none
dma: none

I've configured /etc/printcap with ghostscript's cdj550c driver, which
I'm guessing will talk to some subset of the printer's capabilities.
I've turned on "Suppress Headers", "Send EOF after job to eject page",
"Fix stair-stepping text", and "Fast text printing". I have no extra
GS options.

When I run RedHat's printtool, and print an ASCII test page (not
directly to the port), I get a decent looking page, the last line of
which begins "If this page did not eject automatically..." So
far so good.

But after the printer ejects the page, it beeps and asks to be
reconnected to the computer. My guess is that the printer is expecting
some furthur IEEE1284 packets, transactions, whatever, and the kernel
just stopping transmitting. So, I would imagine that I don't have a
recent enough parport driver.

Reading the parport pages, there appears to be a fair bit of work
recently on the parport driver. Does any of this work affect my
ability to just talk PCL over ECP to my printer? I don't need the
scanner, so I don't think I need the two-way communication bits,
and I don't think I need anything more than the lp driver.

I figure I'm missing some piece of driver software. Would anyone like
to suggest what I should pick up? If it's experimental, that's okay.
I suspect I may be one of the first people to try a T45 with linux, so
I'm happy to experiment a little if I can get a bit of guidance.
I'd like to stay with the 2.2 kernel series, however, as I'm not ready
to expose my disks to the new filesystem code.

I have much worse problems with printing postscript, but I'd like to
tackle this one first.


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