[PARPORT] ZIP drive with Mandrake 6.1

Robin M. Braun (Robin.Braun@eng.uts.edu.au)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 13:25:10 +1000

Help please

I have Mandrake 6.1 (similar to Redhat 6.1) installed on a K6 machine
with 64M and an 8G IDE hard drive. I do not have a printer connected. My
ZIP drive is a newish one with Autodetect cable.

I assume that I need the imm module. I do not need a par port driver for
a printer. If I issue modprobe imm I get an error message about
"resource busy". Could this be because the kernal has the par port
driver in the kernel? It is not indicated in an lsmod list.

What should I do?

Many thanks


Dr. Robin M. Braun
Group Head, Telecommunications Engineering
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

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