Re: [PARPORT] HP Colorado 5Gb Parallel external, How do I backup with it?

J. Scott Berg (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 21:37:35 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Rafael Lorandi de Oliveira wrote:

> It seems you're missing the ¨ftape-tools¨ package.
> ¨ftape¨ is a device driver which allows the ¨low-level¨ floppy tape drive
> management.
> In another hand, you need some set of utilities to perform the ¨user-level¨
> tasks, eg. formating, rewinding, seeking etc. That's the job of ftape-tools.
> All these packages (including documentation) can be found at The Linux
> Floppy Tape Project
> (

No, this is not an ftape animal.

First, if the device files don't exist, make them.

mknod /dev/pt0 c 96 0
mknod /dev/npt0 c 96 128

Now create a backup:

tar -b 64 -cf /dev/pt0 /

I personally have a preference for cpio, but I can't come up with a
good reason why at the moment.

This does a full backup starting from your root filesystem (the /) to
the tape (f /dev/pt0) with a block size of 32k (-b 64). A read
through the tar man/info page should tell you how to get it back :).

The tape automagically rewinds when it's done. You don't want to
format the tape. It's formatted at the factory once and for all. If
you look at the tape packaging you'll see in big letters DON'T BULK
ERASE THIS TAPE. Just keep using it til it dies.

> Asaf Gery wrote:
> > Hello you all,
> > I have read the archives of this list and managed to get my
> > backup tape running, using several insmod(s).
> > However, I still did not understand how do I actually backup.
> > How do I rewind, format and erase the tape?
> > I believe that tar should be used in order to create the backup archive
> > (am I right?). I tried using mtools (did not success), I also tried ftape
> > (it was written somewhere that it supports parallel as well) also with no
> > success.
> > Could some one please, tell me...
> > Any pointers to the relevant info will be enough.

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