[PARPORT] Crashes when unloading mid-level modules in 2.0.38

Wolfram Gloger (wmglo@dent.med.uni-muenchen.de)
17 Nov 1999 12:22:22 -0000


I am running 2.0.38 with Andre Hedricks IDE patch for supporting UDMA
on the Aladdin chipset. Yes, I have read the warning that the parport
backport to 2.0.x isn't supported, and I'm willing to upgrade to 2.2.x
if there is a good chance that this makes a difference.

The problem: I've bought an external case with (apparently) an OnSpec
90c26 adapter and I'm driving IDE disks and an LS-120 in it (one
device at a time, of course). Basically, everything works perfectly
fine (with EPP it's actually amazingly fast, too), but only until I do
`rmmod pd' or `rmmod pf', respectively. Then the system will go
berserk, e.g. I've seen endless `wait queue is bad' messages and also
complete lockups. Sorry, no detailed ooops message available, but
I've reproduced this on three different machines, among them an old
486 with standard parallel port and a recent machine with EPP, so I
strongly suspect a generic problem in the driver/rest of the kernel

Why do I have to `rmmod pd' ? Because I want to connect different
devices at run-time, and the OnSpec controller seems to need an
`insmod lp, rmmod lp' cycle as described in the documentation.

Can it be the UDMA IDE patch that is causing the problem (I can't see
how)? Should I just forget 2.0.x and upgrade to 2.2 if I want to use
paride ?


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