Re: [PARPORT] determining ZIP /dev

Philip Blundell (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 20:01:11 +0000

>indicate a dos file system?) but did not know that and a program was
>failing. I was hoping to be able to determine programmatically, without
>parsing dmesg, which will be considerably more complex due to the
>more general natrure of its content.

Well, you can have a stab at it. If you parse /proc/scsi/scsi you can find
out what devices are attached. I think the sd driver assigns devices
sequentially, so you can work out what it will have done and guess what `sd?'
device corresponds to the Zip drive. Then you just have to try to open
`sd?0', `sd?1' and so on until one succeeds, to figure out what partition is
in use.


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