Re: [PARPORT] ppscsi error ELF

marcel pol (
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 22:24:52 -0000 (/etc/localtime

Hello, thanks for the email.

The problem is already fixed, but I do not know how.

There is a file /var/lib/YaST/system.inf which contained the line:

This has caused me earlier problems, then I could not startup Yast. In that
previous case I put back the file system.inf.old, which did not contain that
I did now the same, but it didn't work.
Then I got the bright idea to compile the kernel with parport support, which I
had not done before. I still used the modules that were installed when setting
up my SuSE system.
It is not clear to me what caused the problem, but I'm glad I got rid of it for

Thanks anyway,

Marcel Pol

Previous messages:

>> I can load the module scsi_mod and sg, and when I want to load ppscsi
>> I get: "error: not an ELF file".
> What command are you typing to get that?

insmod ppscsi

>> My /dev/scanner is linked to /dev/sg2. I tried it linked to /dev/sg0, but it
>> made no difference.
> (Have you rebooted since then? If you have SCSI disks in the system, you
> might want to back them up..)
Yes, I rebooted. And no, just my CD-roms are ATAPI working under scsi-emulation.

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