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Tue, 30 Nov 1999 11:00:59 +0000 (GMT)

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, WODECKI, Victor wrote:

> Looking through the kernel sources, there is some IEEE1284 support, but
> I'm not clear on how complete this is.

Not very. It does reverse nibble mode, and negotiation. If that's enough
for your device, good.

> I've connected the A/D device to the linux machine, parport_probe is
> telling me that it is an unknown device, unknown manufacturer.
> (Which doesn't prove much.)

The device sent a silly device ID string.

> Looking at the "Linux Parallel Port Sharing (parport)" web pages at
>, it seems that the kernel
> version I'm running doesn't do IEEE1284. Is this correct? Does this
> mean that 2.2.12 only does partial IEEE1284, or what?

That's right.

> Should I upgrade to 2.3.x, or perhaps 2.2.13 with appropriate patches?
> Should I proceed with a user-space driver, or a module, or ??

If you _can_ write a user-space driver for your device, you might be best
off doing that. 2.3.x provides ppdev (/dev/parport) support, but the only
documentation so far is in ppdev.c I'm afraid. I've back-ported it to
2.2.x and I hope that it will be integrated in 2.2.15 (or maybe later).

Alternatively, you could write a kernel module for 2.3.x. It won't work
under 2.2.x though.


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