[PARPORT] Possible Bug In Backpack Driver

Joseph H Fannin II (trevorcor@zdnetonebox.com)
Sat, 25 Dec 1999 08:11:33 GMT

I have seen numerous reports on this list similar to something I have
experienced with the Backpack CD-RO
M driver. I could be wrong, but I think the problem is the dependency
information for the pcd driver; it thinks it is dependent on paride,
not bpck. This causes the bpck protocol driver to get skipped if it
is not explicitly loaded, in order.

I have been successful in getting a plain 'modprobe pcd' to work, loading
modules parport, paride, bpck, and pcd, by editing the 'modules.conf'
(it may be conf.modules on some systems) to reflect that pcd is dependent
on bpck, not paride. This works until the next reboot, when depmod is
called by the startup scripts and overwrites my changes with the original
(false) information.

I have not been working with linux so much as a month, so I could very
easily be mistaken.

But if you've experieced problems with a Backpack, try entering:
modprobe parport
modprobe paride
modprobe bpck
modprobe pcd

This assumes that you've compiled basic parallel support as well as the
paride suite as modules; if parport is compiled into your kernel statically,
omit the first line.

I have a hunch that this problem prevents the backpack drivers from working
when compiled statically into the kernel, since there can be no work-around
for the bad dependencies.

Okay, enough of my long-windedness. Is there something here I don't
understand? I'm looking for documentation on the 'system.map' How can
I make a permanant change to modules.conf (conf.modules)?

Oh, btw, I'm using RedHat 6.1, with a kernel compiled from the 2.2.12-20
source that came with the distribution; the driver in question was compiled
from that package.

Joseph Fannin II
"Bull in pure form is rare; there is usually some contamination by data."
-- William G. Perry Jr.

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