Re: [PARPORT] module permissions

Joseph H Fannin II (
Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:03:53 GMT

  Do you know how to use kerneld or kmod, whichever your system uses?
 When properly configured (as root), these will load needed modules *automatically*
(for any user). If you need a guide, the best I have found is at the
end of modules.txt in the linux source. If you have a 2.2 or newer kernel
you have kmod, and should also read the short kmod.txt, which describes
how kmod differs from kerneld. It's not terribly difficult.
  If you don't have the linux source code handy you can drop me a line
and I'll mail them to you; I won't abridge them arbitarily, and they
are too long to post here.

Joseph Fannin II
"Bull in pure form is rare; there is usually some contamination by data."
-- William G. Perry Jr.

---- Tim Waugh <> wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, Janine Roe wrote:
> > Perhaps I'm overlooking something rather obvious, but I am unable
> to
> > run modprobe or insmod as a user. I can only load these modules
> as a
> > superuser.
> That's right. man modules.conf (or man conf.modules).
> > And then once they are loaded, I am unable to 'scanimage' as a user.
> > I get a message saying that no devices are loaded. What do I do
> to
> > fix this? I don't want to have to be superuser to scan images.
> man chmod. You need to have read/write permissions on the /dev files
> it
> wants.
> Tim.
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