[PARPORT] PPDEV user-spaced driver and interrupts

chris (clfletch@spawar.navy.mil)
Tue, 04 Jan 2000 08:52:56 -0800

    How is it going,

    I have been reading data from the ppdev user-spaced driver in EPP
mode (kernel 2.3.28) for the past few weeks with less than stellar
results. I have been able to achieve relatively high, greater than
300Kbytes/sec, transfer rates for around 15 minutes. However, I have
found that any kind of user or computer intervention will slow the data
rate to an unacceptable level between 20-50Kbytes/sec for a randomly
short period then it returns to 300Kbytes/sec . I believe that some
type of interrupt service routine is required to prevent the slow down,
however my hardware cannot support an interrupt latency greater than

    I would like to know whether or not if there is a way to use the
ppdev in EPP mode utilizing interrupts or is it only in ECP mode.

    If it is in only in ECP mode, I would like to know where I could
find an example of an interrupt service routine with the ppdev
user-spaced driver.
                                                Thanks for any


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