Re: [PARPORT] generic parport support ...

chris mess (
Tue, 04 Jan 2000 22:12:34 +0000

I read:

>> I found a (binary only) software for bsd and linux that seems to work
>> but it doesn't find any carts, same with the DOS app using wine.
> Sounds like a bug in that software then -- it will just be using inb/outb
> I expect (or else using /dev/port). There's a chance that running strace
> on it will reveal more information, but otherwise I guess you're stuck.
> Do you have any special settings for your port in the CMOS?

Problem solved, stracing showed that IRQ 5 is hardcoded in the app, and
BIOS will assign the parport IRQ 5 only with IObase 0x278, so setting
in the CMOS and setting the port to EPP only fixed the problem.
At least the author of the app thought about an environment variable to
the IObase *phew* ;)

Now I can happilly retrieve my pictures from the gbcam and program my
with my own code _without_ booting DOS.

thanks a lot.


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