[PARPORT] Canon BJC-2000 and Linux

Antonio Gasbarra (gasbarra@inwind.it)
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 22:49:01 +0100

I'm running RH6.1 and I'm trying to make this BJC-2000 printer work
under Linux. Kernel (2.2.13) includes static (no module) support of
parallel printer, parallel port, PC style hardware and IEEE1284 status
readback. PnP support is enabled too.

Using printtool, with Canon bj200 filter, everything seems to work (but
the printer) when printing test page: message "page printed on /dev/lp0"
appears and print queue is flushed.

Besides of this, BJC-2000 doesn't move its printing head. I tried also
using lpr, lpc but I had no response.

Any helping hand (or links to) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to everybody!


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