[PARPORT] HP LaserJet 6L Printer

Mohan P (mhn_amp@yahoo.co.uk)
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 15:47:51 +0500


        I am unable to configure my HP LaserJet 6L Printer on Red Hat Linux 6.1,
worked fine on RHL 5.2 & 6.0 .
        While configuring using Printtool, it does not autodetect any of the ports
(/dev/lp0,/dev/lp1 & /dev/lp2) as a result I manually configure to
/dev/lp0, still it doesn't work ( I know it doesn't make sense ).
        Below described is in the event of output redirection.

mhn> cat {filename} > /dev/lp0
sh: /dev/lp0: No such device

        Can someone kindly help me.

Mohan P

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