[PARPORT] sharing a parport - modules?

marcel pol (mpol@gmx.net)
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:09:20 -0000 (/etc/localtime


I'm using a parport scanner and a printer under Linux and at the moment they
function quite fine.
The only thing that bothers me is that when I want to use the scanner, and
after that the printer, then I have to use the commands rmmod and
At least, as far as I know the printer modules parport, parport_pc and lp, and
the scanner modules ppscsi and onscsi (or whatever) cannot be loaded at the same

I wonder if it is possible to have them loaded at the same time, by using
parameters. I do not know how to set these, but maybe someone does.

Under M$ it is possible to use a scanner and a printer not really at the same
time, but one right after the other, as long as you don't really use them at
the same time. I mean scanning and printing at the same time, then one process
goes wrong. Maybe then the M$"modules" are loaded and unloaded dynamically, but
I don't guess so.

Under M$ this works automatically, but if not then it is possible (with my
Microtek scanner and driver) to add parameters.
The next is from a readme file:

  ASPI Manager is needed if you want to use any SCSI device. The following are
  the command line options for the ASPI Manager. Th
  ese options should be used ONLY if the ASPI Manager fails to detect the

  /V - Enables slow mode
  /SF=1..30 - Slows down the access by forcing a slow factor ranging from 1
  to 30
  /U - Forces uni-directional mode, it is the slowest mode of
  /E - Slows down EPP access. Use this option only if you are sure
  that your printer port is an Enhanced Parallel Port. On other port types,
  this option has no effect.
  /P - Pauses if the driver fails to install. The DOS boot process
  will display an error message and wait for the user to press a key before
  /I=5 - Makes the scanner use irq 5, while the printer and the
  lpt-port are still using irq 7.

I wonder if something like this is also possible under Linux.
Ofcourse it might be possible to have these modules loaded at the same time in
another way.

For me this would make it more easy to use.

Marcel Pol

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