[PARPORT] Query About Parport and RH 6.1

Jason Joy (kyroraz@mint.net)
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 17:38:51 -0500


    Previously I was running RH 6.0 and was using the standard ppSCSI
package from the ppSCSI main page, but "upgraded" to RH 6.1 (kernel
2.2.12-20) and I'm having a hard time getting it working for it. Of
course, I don't expect that the driver that I used before would work
(different kernels, after all) ... but looking at the ftp site, I don't
know which one I should use. I've tried ones close to "2.2.12" but
nothing seemed to work.

Has any of you out there with RH 6.1 had any luck with this?

The problems I've been having is that for some reason, it's not
installing the modules for some reason, so that insmod ppscsi produces
no result.


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