[PARPORT] An open letter to everyone.

Dave Smith (dpilot63@harborside.com)
Sat, 22 Jan 2000 05:22:40 -0800

To everyone that is trying to install his or her printer on a Redhat
6.1 ------
     The first thing is to check to see if the correct things are in
the correct files namely lp0-lp1-lp2 in /dev and make sure that
/var/spool/lpd/lp are in the correct place and that there only one of
each. then boot back and see that your modem is on an irq. If it
reads being generic, (not being on one of the "coms" put it on
irq=5 (at least thats what I had to do) then check to see if all the
connections are set and tight, I found that my brand new strap had to
be connected in just such a way to make a good connection. It's one of
(supposedly) gold plated ones that I paid damn good money for. Then
check to make sure, when you get back into the program, that you have
the old standby in /etc/conf.modules namely ( alias parport_lowlevel
parport_pc). Make sure that the parport line of code is at the top of
the file and that there is a space between it and the top of the file
and two spaces between it and the code for the sound. That makes a
difference. Then check to see if all the files in /dev/ lp0 and lp1 and
lp2 are all empty and see that the same is true with /var/spool/lpd/lp
-- lp file is empty also, then you are ready to go. I have an HP dj
832c running on a 586 board w/a 350 chip and an Apache modem, a
soundblaster 32/64 sound card and a 20 G hadDdrive. I hope this
helps someone, and if it doesn't , I've tried to do the right thing,
what with so many out there trying to get the printer installed, god
knows I worked at it fot two weeks to get it done. Have fun.

Dave Smith

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