RE: [PARPORT] Sharing a parallel port

Jeffrey J. Jenkins (
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 14:37:11 -0500 (EST)

Well, it isn't the prettiest thing, but using modprobe to remove, then
install lp after removing onscsi. This does successfully restore the
functionality of the printer. But, I now can't do the opposite (remove lp
and install onscis again) and get the scanner working again. (Once the
printer gets control of the parallel port again, I haven't been able to
get it to release it.

There is probably some combination of loading and unloading the other
parport modules that I need to discover which will work. I'll see if I
can figure out something that will work this week.


> This time, I tried to load sg, ppscsi, and onscsi with modprobe (instead
> on insmod). The scanner works again, but the printer still becomes locked
> once I have loaded the scanner modules, though it will still cue
> jobs. (So, as expected trying to restart lpd has no effect.) Unloading
> the modules (modprobe -r) has no effect on restoring the functionality of
> the printer. Since using indmod and rmmod in the same manner didn't work,
> I wasn't really expecting this to work, but it was worth a shot to see if
> letting modprobe autoload would solve the problem of sharing the parallel
> port.

> (The only thing that has changed is the addition of Aureal's Vortex2 sound
> driver.)
> Again, I'm also running the 2.2.12-20 kernel. I'm using ppscsi and onscsi
> to work by using the 2.2.13-ppSCSI-19990712
> Jeff.

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