Re: [PARPORT] [Parport] HP Colorado 14GBe and BRU

Nathan Meyers (
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 20:07:38 -0800

Lee Mondshein wrote:
> As a newbie, I want to say thanks, Grant, for your
> software, documentation,mailing list --- and
> everything on your website. With all this help, I was
> able to install the appropriate modules to communicate
> with my parallel-port HP Colorado 14 GBe tape drive.
> I followed instructions,basically:
> #insmod parport
> #insmod paride
> #insmod epat
> #insmod pt
> Operation via tar seems to work fine.
> My question: I would prefer to use bru (commercial
> software) rather than tar. However, bru recommends
> communicating with my IDE/ ATAPI drive via the
> drivers associated with device nodes ht0 and nht0. As
> a first try, I followed the above module insertion
> scheme, subsituting *insmod ht* for *insmod pt*.

The ht driver will only work for a directly connected IDE device, not
one used through a parallel port interface.

When the pt driver is fully cooked, I expect it'll support all the tape
operations supported by more mature drivers - tape positioning, writing
file marks, going offline... all those things you read about in the "mt"
man page. For now, the driver only supports a few operations - enough
for basic stuff like streaming out a tar archive, but not enough for
more demanding backup applications.

Nathan Meyers

> The result:
> " insmod: ht: no module by that name"
> I am running RedHat 6.1 , kernel 2.2.12-20 (on a
> Toshiba Satellite 4100 XDVD), together with Oracle
> 8.1.5 and would like the convenience associated with
> bru backups. I have begun educating myself about the
> design of device drivers, but have not found any
> information about the availability of "ht" as a module
> or as built-in driver.
> Am I making things unnecessarily complicated? Has
> anyone had success using bru with IDE/ATAPI tapes?
> Thanks,
> Lee
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