[PARPORT] Problems with MO230 II by Olympus

J. Koethnig (j.koethnig@cityweb.de)
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 10:29:25 +0100


I have installed the modules for an Olympus 230 II drive as described in
'The ppSCSI suite of drivers'. I do only load the modules needed

insmod scsi_mod
insmod ppscsi
insmod epst

I can mount the drive without any problem, I can make msdos or ext2 disks
without any problems, I can copy files onto it. But I have problems
loading files back onto the computer. Everything is fine, as long as I do
not reboot after saving. After booting I do get input/output (5) errors
after a couple of seconds transferring data from the drive to the comp
(beyond about 300 kB). I have checked whether the files are ok by putting
them from the MO-drive onto a CD using windows and reimporting them from
CD. That works just fine, but is a little complicated :-)). So the files
seem to be ok. Shorter files (shorter than 300 kB) get transferred, but
seem to be corrupted.

Any idea, what could cause the problem?


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